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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael, Spiritual Activism: Leadership as service

Green Books, 2015; 224pp; £19.99


Sean Michael Wilson & Hunt Emerson, Goodbye God? An Illustrated Exploration of Science vs Religion

New Internationalist Publications, 2015; 120pp; £9.99


BR Ambedkar and Arundhati Roy, Annihilation of Caste: The Annotated Critical Edition

Verso 2015; 416pp; £16.99


Clive Barrett, Subversive Peacemakers – War Resistance 1914–1918: An Anglican Perspective

Lutterworth Press, 2014; 312pp; £20


David Gee, Holding Faith: Creating Peace in a Violent World

Quaker Books, 2011; 144pp; £8


No gods, no masters

Peace News is just re-hashing the past, setting up new gods.


Charcoal Three found guilty

Three Catholic peace activists were found guilty of criminal damage for writing on the ministry of defence with charcoal.


Gilad Atzmon: The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish identity Politics

Zero Books, 2011; 215pp; £8.99.


Activism and ... Christmas

I suppose for me as a Christian activist Christmas is a particularly important time of the year.

From the archives ...

Churches, schools and peace