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Anti-war action

Some action taken

With the trial that concluded just after last issue went to press, all 13 people charged during the Trident Ploughshares June month of action at the Burghfield nuclear bomb factory in Berkshire hav

Sword into hoe

On 16 March, James Dowling of the Brisbane Catholic Workers pleaded not guilty at Brisbane magistrates court.

Resisters in Bangor

On 7 March, 13 members of the Pacific Life Community were arrested amid snow and rain as they blockaded the Pacific home port of the US Trident nuclear ballistic missile submarine fleet, during the

Come healing

Here is some cheery news of recent direct action in the US collected by the very wonderful Nuclear Resister.

Humbled in love

Peace activists walk free after actions in Australia and the US.


Don't entertain us

On the 100th anniversary of the battle of the Somme, a French choir was banned from singing Song of Craonne at the 1 July ceremony at a German cemetery. It was too anti-war (sample lyrics: ‘...

Don't Bomb Syria!

Pictures from 3 demos against UK airstrikes on Syria and further information and actions you can take.


34-hour Italian radar Ploughshares action

No NATO, No Muos!


Yay Anne-Marie!

On 3 February, Campaign Against Arms Trade staffer Anne-Marie O’Reilly strode onto the stage of the annual ADS arms industry dinner at the Park Lane Hilton in London.

Love your neighbour

On 29 December, 10 peace activists were arrested at the Pentagon in Washington DC, USA, during a nonviolent witness by over 50 people from the Atlantic and Southern Life Communities.