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Civil Liberties

Two arrests after no surrender on pink "war criminal" banner

In the early afternoon of Sunday 26 March, Brian Haw was standing with fellow campaigner Barbara Tucker when the police came by and decided that a crime was being committed.

Fear and loathing - and pacifism

This occasional column is a continuation of the one I wrote for Nonviolent Action and it's timely to revisit an issue that arose at NvA.

The cartoon wars

The crisis over the Muhammad cartoons is not, despite appearances, primarily about free speech, or the prohibition on depicting the Prophet.

Right to protest back on trial

The latest round of cases against people accused of defying London's “no-protest zone” began towards the end of January: eleven individuals were scheduled to appear in four separate trials.

Government defeats in the Lords, card plans on the rocks

It is a sad indictment of our so-called liberal democracy, and the ultimate irony of Tony Blair's constitutional reform agenda, that it is the unelected House of Lords who must stand up tim

Cyclists take Met to court

The attempt by the Metropolitan Police to criminalise central London's monthly Critical Mass bike ride (see PN2467) faces legal action supported by Friends of the Earth's Rights &a

Irrational commemorations, appropriate funding, and postal confusion

One of the most disturbing features of the recent commemoration for the people who were killed in the London bombings on 7 July was that the event was specifically a religious service.

Critical Mass defiant

Following last issue's frontpage article on the threats made against London Critical Massers, we are pleased to report that the ride on 28 October saw a massive turnout, with at least 1,000 cyclist

Resistance and persistence

As our space to protest becomes increasingly curtailed by new legislation from a government obsessed with order and terror, more than 200 people from a diverse range of groups and campaigns

Taking liberties

From late October to late November a bunch of activists from Norfolk, Suffolk and London are organising a month of actions and events in and around Charles Clarke's home town - Norwich.