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Nuclear Weapons

Living in the Faslane

Camp celebrates 35th anniversary by halting warhead convoy


Vanunu in court

Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu was, at the time of going to press, waiting to be sentenced after being found guilty in January of talking to two US citizens in East Jerusalem withou

Quakers acquitted for Burghfield action

No case to answer for nuke protestors


I want to break free

An unarmed British Trident missile went wildly off-course during a test in June 2016, and was destroyed off the coast of Florida, US sources told CNN on 23 January, following a report in the Su

Everybody knows

On 14 November, members of two unions, Prospect and Unite, picketed the Atomic Weapons Establishments at Aldermaston and Burghfield.

The UN will ban nuclear weapons in 2017

Global nuclear-weapons-free zone could hinder US military


European parliament calls for ban on nuclear weapons

Landmark resolution could trigger new treaty


Cranes fly from Aberystwyth to Hiroshima

Welsh peace activist visits Japan


The law

Campaigners challenge nukes in court


Raising atomic awareness

An interview with Daniele Santi – secretary general of the Buddhist peace group, Senzatomica.