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Facebook take-down 2

On 21 June, anti-cuts activists found themselves unable to use Facebook to share news of a new website promoting the public sector strike on 30 June.

Facebook takedowns

On 29 April, while the mainstream media was distracted by royal goings-on, around 60 left-wing Facebook sites were removed from the web.

Ceredigion against the cuts

Welsh activists march against the cuts.


Capitalism my arse

Photos of the March for Alternatives, 26 March 2011 by Fred Chance


We will rise!

From London to Pontypridd and beyond, Wales has been marching against cuts, nuclear power and capitalism


MoD £1bn error

On 2 March, defence secretary Liam Fox announced that troops now in Afghanistan could be among 11,000 military personnel who will be sacked as part of the cuts.

Barclays £6.6bn error

We apologise to Barclays bank for wrongly reporting last month that in 2010 the bank paid a mere £113m in corporation tax to the government, on global profits of more than £5bn.

Aberystwyth occupation continues strong!

On 8 March, Aberystwyth Students Against Cuts celebrated a fortnight of occupying university premises.

Free Heatherington!

I met Karen and Alice at the Heatherington Recreation Club student occupation at Glasgow University.

Fusing our power

We should be honest with ourselves. The anti-cuts movement is a broad movement, overwhelmingly liberal with a revolutionary fringe.