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People Power

Occupy Washington

There’s no substitute for the outrage of the streets.


OCCUPY THE WORLD! The story so far

Peace News takes a look at the Occupy movements that are taking the world by storm


Police and protesters a nonviolent "arms race"?

"A group of eight activists blockaded the entrance to AWE Aldermaston this morning at 6.45am. Using steel lock-on tubes the group have completely blocked the road.

The Palestinian Spring?

Tunisia, Egypt ... Palestine?


Gene Sharp, From Democracy to Dictatorship: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation

Housmans Bookshop, 2011; 94pp; £5.95 + p&p from Housmans, 0207 837 4473 or www.housmans.com


Revolutionary Homework

Gabriel Carlyle explores the lessons to be learnt from the long back-story to the Egyptian uprising.


Revolutionary Homework

“On December 23, April 6 activist xxxxxxxxxxxx … alleged that several opposition parties and movements have accepted an unwritten plan for democratic transition by 2011; we are doubtful of this claim” – secret cable from the US Embassy in Cairo to Washington [1]

“Nonviolent action is not just about non-violence, but also about joy and happiness … [People] saw in Tahrir what Egypt could possibly be in the future and they wanted to be part of this new Egypt” – Wael Adel, Academy for Change [2]

In the popular imagination, mass nonviolent action (“people power”) is often portrayed as a largely improvised and unplanned affair. The reality is usually very different.

Thus, Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat to a white passenger and the ensuing Montgomery bus boycott are respectively (mis)remembered as the action of an ordinary woman who was simply “too tired to move”, and a spontaneous public reaction to her subsequent arrest and prosecution.

In reality, Parks was secretary of the Montgomery chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) and had recently attended the legendary Highlander Folk School – a crucial training center for civil rights and labour activists. Moreover the local Women’s Political Council had decided to call a boycott at least nine months before Parks’ refusal, and were just waiting for the right person to get arrested. [3]

Nadia Idle and Alex Nunns (eds), Tweets from Tahrir: Egypt’s revolution as it unfolded, in the words of the people who made it

OR Books, 2011; 234pp; available for £8 + p&p only from www.orbooks.com


Update from Tunisia

Raed Ben Mansour

Well, we didn't totally return to our normal life, there still are some incidents here in the capital.


Former British prime minister Tony Blair’s justification for the Iraq war is now that, for all the devastation it caused, launching the invasion was better than leaving dictator Saddam Hus