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We’re in the money

At the beginning of January, the national audit office declared that three projects needed to replace Britain’s Trident nuclear weapon system are currently forecast to cost £1.35bn more than originally budgeted.

They may end up costing even more than the current estimate of £2.5bn.

One of the projects (‘Project Mensa’) is a new nuclear warhead assembly (and disassembly) facility at Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield, one of Britain’s two nuclear bomb factories.

Another is a new BAE Systems shipbuilding structure in Barrow-in-Furness to build the Trident replacement ‘Dreadnought’ submarines.

The third infrastructure project is at Raynesway near Derby. It will help Rolls-Royce to develop and produce new nuclear reactors for the Dreadnought submarines.

Nearly half the extra costs to these projects were due to starting construction too early and having to make changes later.

Topics: Nuclear Weapons