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London Black Revs (2)

Earlier in the year, there were two groups in London both calling themselves ‘London Black Revolutionaries’ (LBR), with rival Facebook pages. On 16 July, we finally heard from the people running the ‘original’ Facebook page.

The ‘new’ LBR, which has since re-organised itself as ‘Black Dissidents’, told their side way back on 26 May. The basic story was that many members of LBR had found it hard working with the founder of the group, Arnie Joahill AKA Arnie Hill, and had tried to get him to accept a more collective, democratic way of working.

Hill is then said to have expelled the 20 other members of the group, leaving himself the only member of the group. He temporarily closed down the group’s presence on Facebook (he was the only one with passwords for the website, Twitter and Facebook, and with control of the email list).

In their long reply on 16 July, the ‘official’ LBRs made lots of counter-claims, but did not dispute the claim that there had been a mass expulsion (of 10), leaving fewer people as LBR members (6) than were expelled.

The ‘original’ and ‘new’ LBR statements: