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Street-selling man

Dennis Gould, Stroud

Readers of Peace News may wonder how they can help apart from reading and subscribing to the paper?

One enjoyable way is to send for extra copies to sell locally – on the High Street, or at the market. My experience over many decades is to have a bookstall on the local market – as well as having many copies of Peace News, having secondhand books to support a few new Penguins and Puffins. Choose the books you like – your personal passion. There is greater need for bookstalls today as most of the community bookshops founded in the 1960s and 1970s have sadly disappeared. Although, contrary to this trend, Five Leaves Bookshop has recently opened in Nottingham – opened by Five Leaves Press’s Ross Bradshaw.

You will have fun doing a bookstall on the local market – rents are cheap – and you will meet like-minded people as well as a cross-section of people.

Get in touch with Housmans (Peace News) Bookshop and Freedom Press Bookshop for new radical, libertarian… pacifist and anarchist books.

Send for 10 copies of Peace News and give it a go?