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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Issue 2568-2569 | April 2014

Focus on nonviolence

Ukraine: a nonviolent victory

Civil resistance shredded the legitimacy of a repressive and corrupt government


Syrian nonviolent activists today

Working towards a viable future for Syria when fighting ends


On Anger

This classic text from 1971 pushes nonviolent activists to respect and value rage and untangles our political and personal relationships to this emotion.



Campaign Nonviolence

At the moment, PN staff are the only listed UK promoters of Campaign Nonviolence, the nonviolence study/action group initiative started by Pace e Bene in the US last year.


Summer is coming!

Come to the Peace News Summer Camp, 31 July – 4 August 2014. Robb Johnson will be performing songs from his highly-acclaimed Gentle Men album about his grandfathers and the First World War.


Bigger, better, bimonthly PN

As we announced back in December, Peace News want to try out a one-year experiment, expanding the paper to 24 pages and reducing frequency from 10 times to six times a year, starting with this issu


Anti-roads activists acquitted!

Judge Crabtree warned us that while judgements in magistrates’ courts usually take between 45 minutes and two hours, this one was likely to take considerably longer.

NATO unwelcome in Wales

This year’s NATO summit will take place at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport on 4th-5th September.

Following mysterious ‘Mitch’

On the march against corruption


Ffos-y-Fran forges forward

Following the controversial Ffos-y-Fran open cast mining in Merthyr Tydfil, the mining conglomerate Miller Argent now push to extend their operations towards Rhymney to open cast at Nant Llesg


Fun not fear

Over 30 UK groups held kite-flying actions on the spring equinox, celebrating Nowruz, the Afghan New Year, and protesting against the use of drones over Afghanistan. The international project was organised by Voice for Creative Nonviolence UK, inspired by the Afghan Peace Volunteers.



Faslane campers board nuclear sub

Action against weapons of mass destruction


Mounting calls to end drone secrecy

Action by the European parliament and the UN



International Women’s Day


Defending family farms

Working for european food sovereignty


50,000 Russians march against Putin’s invasion of Crimea

On 15 March, Moscow saw its largest demonstration in over two years, a protest against Russian president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and impending annexation of the Crimea.


Palestinian hunger strikers undergo ‘punitive measures’

...and Israeli refusers



Tony Benn: 3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014

Labour party left-winger and committed peace activist Tony Benn was one of those dangerous figures who c


Whatever happened to the PN Winter Gathering?

There is a saying in the field of community development finance – providing credit to disadvantaged groups – that if you never have a bad loan (that isn’t re-paid), you aren’t doing it right.


Time to get a grip on technology!

Breaking the Frame, May 2014


Calling for Peace

The Women's Peace Congress


Diary: on the death of old friends

Two days after Protag’s funeral, Ben says: ‘Did you hear Callum Millard’s died?’ I’m knocked sideways. Another one? But different this time.


A heart-breaking work of staggering genius

Activism and fiction


Activism and... Spring

For a lot of people I know, spring is about planting seeds, growing, nurturing, green stuff.

35 years ago: Where next?

In the 1970s, Peace News carried frequent, and sometimes vitriolic, debates about the Middle East, often sparked by anger on the part of some readers at the uncompromisingly anti-Zionist line of its regular contributor – and sometime Middle East Editor – Uri Davis (himself a Jewish Palestinian). From time to time, as here, PN spelt out its own view.



Fairphone forever!

The world’s first ethically-minded smartphone


Fracking amazing

Manchesters’ new front line in the struggle against extreme energy


Reaching for the edge

Anti-oppression work becomes a renewed focus for UK grassroots trainers