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Howard Clark

29 Nov 2013: It is with deep sadness that we announce that last night Howard Clark, long-time collaborator and supporter of Peace News, passed away.

Howard ClarkHoward worked for Peace News during the 1970s and 80s and remained a constant supporter, board member, and friend. In 2012, Peace News reprinted Howard's seminal text, Making Nonviolent Revolution.

He was also Coordinator for War Resisters International for many years and more lately WRI Chair, and committed to many other peace initiatives. Howard lived in Spain with his partner, Yolanda Juarros Barcenilla, and two children. The whole family were regulars at the Peace News Summer Camp where they made many friends who will share our deep sorrow at Howard's passing and the condolences that we send to his family.

We will be publishing a number of Howard's texts on this website over the next few days.

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I'm one of so many friends, co-workers and comrades who is completely stunned by this terrible news. I knew Howard for 40 years, worked on Peace News with him, laughed, argued, and stayed friends, I hoped for ever. Didn't see him often enough, but it was good to see him when we did meet, and I remember a great night out this March with comrades from WRI, the last time I saw him.

My deepest sympathy with Jolanda, Ismael and Violeta at this terrible time, I wish them all the strength they need. Howard was a remarkable man, and without him and his work the world would have been a much worse place.

Sharing memories

I've put together this little webita (temporarily) on my memories today about Howard as a way of making sure these bits of memory will last, and with all my love for Howard, Yolanda, Violeta, Ismael, and all the people who had the joy of meeting Howard Clark. It's also for my students, and anyone who happens to have some interest in the kind of anonymous people who fight for a juster world.
I'm also preparing a webita for mujerpalabra.net, to publish an interview we have with him, June 2013, and the links to here and all that.
Take care

June 2013 interview (part 1)