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Drones, Trident... buzz off!

On 13 April, protesters gathered outside the ministry of defence drone testing site near Aberporth.

Buzzy bees at Aberporth drone testing site Photo: Lotte Reimer

Buzzy bees at Aberporth drone testing site Photo: Lotte Reimer

Initiated by Anonymous activists, who pulled out at the last minute because they forgot to ask their mums if they could have a party, the protest went ahead with local people, singers, Rebel Clowns and other busy bees, who buzzed in solidarity with drones trying to clear their name.

Said one local drone: ‘It’s tough enough that there are so few of us these days, with pesticides and whatnot, but tarnishing our reputation with war crimes is criminal! And we’re here to put a stop to it.’

A similar message was delivered simultaneously by ‘Scrap Trident’ protesters in Glasgow, followed by a Faslane blockade on 15 April, where Wales’ voices were heard loud and clear, including the hard-hitting harmonies of Cardiff’s Côr Cochion – who had to recruit new singers as several choir members were hauled away among 47 arrests. Choir leader Wendy Lewis described it as ‘a large singing contingent and a successful blockade’.

Sensing a new and broader coalition of protest, Jill Gough from CND Cymru noted there was now ‘an amazing chance to tip the balance and get rid of Trident’.