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Radical Jews

Jennifer Verson, Liverpool

ImageOn the long and extended train journey from Brighton to Liverpool I found the stomach to finally read the letter about my diary entry and I would like to support the editors in their response, primarily because the writer has specifically asked for a response.

On a very personal level, I feel more able to speak up at the moment because I am a really good jew, I go to synagogue every week, try to observe the Sabbath, love and am loved by a community that has been decimated. So, say what she will, but she certainly cannot call me anti-Jewish.

The response is sitting within a cultural context where radical jews are being bullied, Judith Butler discusses this exact slur in Udi Aloni’s book. It also must be noted that this type of letter-writing is part of a larger system.

I feel like there are a number of different ways that the editors could respond and I am wondering about how I need to assist, I did think about an interview with Udi Aloni who is very engaged in the Israeli/anti-occupation anarchist movement, or Windows for Peace (whose founder I just heard speak) might be a way to up the level of dialogue to a place where there is a possibility for transformation.

Let’s discuss this.

Much love

Editor Response: 

Thanks for your support and constructive ideas, Jennifer. It may be useful to note that Udi Aloni is an Israeli-American artist and filmmaker who sits on the advisory board of Jewish Voice for Peace. Windows for Peace is a British charity that supports dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian youth through ‘Windows Channels for Communication’ in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories