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Occupy Britain roundup

Which UK Occupations are still up and running?

As PN went to press, Occupy London were welcoming representatives from Occupy camps from across the country to their new site, "The Bank of Ideas", an office building in the City of London owned by Swiss bankers UBS.

On 20 November, representatives came to The Bank of Ideas from Occupy camps in Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, Liverpool, Norwich, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Brighton, Plymouth and the Isle of Wight, as well as from Ireland.

As of 21 November, as far as we could tell from phone calls, tweets and checking Facebook, there were Occupy camps operating in: Bath, Bournemouth  (re-launched 21 November), Brighton, Birmingham, Bristol (two camps?), Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow (re-launched 19 November), Leeds, London (two camps), Manchester (re-launched 14 November), Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth and Sheffield.

Bradford was evicted on 4 November; while Liverpool and Portsmouth were planning to re-launch in the near future. Lots of other places seem to be in the planning stage. The Isle of Wight camp is "virtual".



Research by Rona Drennan, Jim Wright and Christina Dey. For more info, please try these sites:www.occupybritain.co.ukwww.occupytogether.orgwww.occupywiki.org.uk

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