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Census news

Refusers face trial for arms protests

A number of activists refused to fill in the 2011 national census because of their objection to the involvement of military firm Lockheed Martin in processing the data.

Census resister Judith Sambrook, 47, pleaded not guilty at Wrexham magistrates court on 11 November; her case was adjourned to Mold magistrates court on 8 December.

On 8 December, Sarah Ledsom, 56, is due to appear at Liverpool magistrates court for failing to complete the 2011 census form.
Former Oxford city councillor, Deborah Glass Woodin, 48, is due in Reading magistrates court on 13 December; and former Leamington councillor Roger Grenville, 66, is up in Birmingham magistrates court on 5 January.

Topics: Arms trade


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