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Campaign Profile: Workers' Climate Action

Founded in 2008, Workers’ Climate Action (WCA) is a direct action and solidarity network made up of socialists, anarchists and other class struggle activists involved in both the environmental and labour movements.

We must move our economy away from fossil fuels – but in a “Just Transition”: the costs of changes in employment and economic activity should fall on those who can afford it, not on those who can’t. WCA stands for a worker-led just transition to a low-carbon economy and believes that organised labour, particularly in frontline industries such as aviation, energy and transport is a key agent which is fundamentally capable of effecting meaningful social change.

WCA activists were first to respond to the announcement of the closure of the Vestas wind turbine blades factory on the Isle of Wight and were integral to the protests there. WCA’s involvement has meant the Climate Camp has given its solidarity to the London Underground tubeworkers in their dispute over pay, conditions and jobs.

WCA’s national conference is on 10 October, at University College London, Gower St, London WC1 (11.45am-6pm).