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Issue 2446 | March - June 2002


World social forum

The second World Social Forum (WSF), attended by an estimated 50,000 people representing hundreds of organisations from all over the world, took place from 31 January to 5 February in Port

Civilian intervention: latest Marques marked

On 3 February, dozens of foreign civilians marched in Ramallah to deliver a message to the Israeli occupation forces.

Israeli COs: refusing to kill

Between December 2001 and PN going to press, at least 11 Israeli and Druse men spent time in military prisons for refusing to serve in the Israeli Defence Force.

Mugabe on the offensive

Both independent and foreign journalists, and the lesbian and gay community, have again been under attack in Zimbabwe during January and February.

Rules: made to be broken

While international attention is focused on prisoners transferred by US from Afghanistan to Camp X-Ray, elsewhere in the world the US government is using peace-keeping forces to arrest, un

Utopias, Visions and Realities

Utopia - no place, a never-never land beyond the realm of everyday experience, a dream world that is unattainable, a fantasy vision to which people might like to fly in their dreams and es

Ecotopia: a future with a long past

Most radical thought and action about the environment could be described as “utopian”, since it envisages a radically different society with strongly sustainable development where the inte

No longer observers

Most of us have a grand vision, but few of us dare to make our dreams reality.

On independence

Harijan: You have said in your article in the Harijan of 15 July, under the caption “The Real Danger”, that Congressmen in general certainly do not know the kind of indepe

Coercion and domination

Roland Meighan is an acknowledged “educational heretic” for his view that mass compulsory schooling is an obsolete and counter-productive learning system which should be scrapped as soon a

Martin Buber's Paths in Utopia. The Kibbutz: an experiment that didn't fail?

It is important to note at the outset that my own intellectual and moral development was profoundly influenced by Martin Buber's writings.

Between technophilia and technophobia: cyborg citizenship

Technology has only become important to utopian proposals recently, but they have always depended on instrumentalist and rationalistic thinking.

In 1649, to St George's Hill...

It is astonishing that the Diggers are still being talked about, and even inspiring action, at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Nuclear utopias

During the Second World War, nuclear weapons were developed and used.

Everywhere and nowhere: utopian possibilities in culture and society

Oscar Wilde famously observed that he couldn't look at a map without it present among the nations, while Sir Thomas More invented the word with his 1516 treatise on the ideal society, comp

"Reality is realised in our time through the ideal, only through the ideal."

Visions - a difficult topic during times of war and of increased militarisation and marginalisation of peace activists, but perhaps then, even more important.

Envisioning our utopias

This short workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to investigate our own utopias: "don't dream about your life, live your dreams".

Timeline of intentional communities

A pointer to some of the more significant developments in the theory and practice of community.


The global commonweal

The global, Co-operative Commonweal a long desired dream is now becoming a practical reality: it is a vision of global peace and security, through practical, local and co-active co-operation.

Monster reading list!

On utopias.


The path to democracy?

Just how much freedom have women in Afghanistan actually gained since the interim government was put in place late last year, and what is the prospect for real change for them to become ci

Enough is enough! Demonstrating for peace in Cyprus

A small group of Cypriot women, calling themselves “Hands Across the Divide”, has started actively campaigning for peace in Cyprus.

Arm fairs: a great time to show opposition to the death trade

Arms traders spread suffering and death wherever they can profit from it.

Taking the initiative

In December 2001, about 35 women from Britain joined with a similar number of US citizens to fill the gap left by the irresponsible international community in the Occupied Territories.