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Issue 2452 | September - November 2003

International arms trade

Signs of revival in "rubbish action"

After being massively disrupted by the war, Iraqi society shows some signs of recovery, with volunteers cleaning the streets and collecting rubbish in Baghdad.

Israel-Palestine round-up

International Solidarity Movement activists have been taking action with local Palestinians against the ongoing construction of the “apartheid wall”.

40+ arrests at disarmament camp

Between 2 and 15 August, citizens from Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the United States and Britain joined together in taking action against nuclear weapons at Faslane and Cou

Russian activists take on corporations and military

In spite of mounting state repression of campaign groups - the spurious arrests of ecological activists, the death in suspicious circumstances of Mr Shekochikhin, the Minister of Defence a

Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims remembered

Fifty-eight years after the first use of nuclear weapons against a civilian population, the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima this year fell under the shadow of the contin

Raise your voices!

US anti-sanctions activists have had a long-threatened civil action brought against them by the US Treasury Department.

Memory and memorials from Chile: 30 years since the military coup

An itinerant exhibition of 27 photographs has been put together in an effort to share the process of dealing with the past alongside the relatives of the disappeared and those executed for

Iraq war emboldens Bush space plans

Military victory in the Iraq war has emboldened the Pentagon in their claims that space technology gives the US total advantage in time of war.

British weapons in the Indonesian war in Aceh

The scenario is depressingly familiar, the outcome tragically the same.

Street campaigning ideas

Street campaigning has become a visual event enabling people to get high media coverage with innovative ideas and actions.

Trade in weapons of mass-destruction

In 1948 the UN introduced a new category called Weapons of Mass Destruction: atomic explosives, radioactive material weapons, chemical and biological weapons.

Introducing the DSEi NVDA Training Collective

Plans for protest at DSEi this year are large-scale and thorough.

Bright future for non-lethal weapons

The legacy of world domination by Western powers continues with further advances in military technologies.

DSEi: the tip of the subsidy iceberg

The Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEi) is the highly-visible tip of a very large murky iceberg of UK government financial support for arms exports.

Holding up development: the effects of small arms and light weapons in developing countries

Cheap, portable and readily available: every year more than half a million people are killed through the misuse of small arms such as handguns, assault rifles and grenades.

Viva Rio: farewell to arms in Brazil

Although Brazil is not officially at war, the country has the one of the highest homicide rates in the world, with more than 35,000 firearm deaths every year.

The South African arms deal

The South African “arms deal” has been described as “the betrayal of the struggle against apartheid” and as “the litmus test of South Africa's commitment to democracy and good governance”.

Information and advice

On the arms trade.


A growth industry

In January 2003, as plans for war in Iraq mounted, US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld ruled out re-initiating the military draft, saying, “there is no need for it at all.

Stop the death trade!

One of the world's most famous arms dealers, Sam Cummings, said of the arms trade almost forty years ago: “It is almost a perpetual motion machine.

New days of action

On 5 June 2003 a small group ofactivists managed to successfully blockade BAe Systems(BAeS) offices in North Edinburgh for three hours.

First-hand: Raytheon Peacemakers

In 1991, during the first Gulf War, I joined an ad hoc demonstration to protest at president Bush's visit to the Andover, Massachusetts, Raytheon plant.

Daily living with terror

Since 9/11 the word “terror” has become known the world over-- its impact has become more vivid, glaring on us.

South Asia and the international arms trade

South Asia remains one of the most volatile regions of the world. Continued arms sales and weapons transfers only exacerbate both ongoing and potential conflicts in the area.

Tyrants always fall. Always

Although not forseen by the political pundits of the time, the salt campaign launched by Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress Party in India became the key nonviolent direct action campaign to

Between a rock and a hard place

A few days before the bombing started, my friends Zaid and Asmaa and I decided, when the time came, we would be running through the streets of Baghdad together, tearing down Saddam portrai

Impressions from a journey through the South Caucasus

When WRI planned a visit to the South Caucasus, to develop co-operation with local groups on antimilitarism and conscientious objection, it was clear that this wouldn't be an easy task.