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Issue 2503 | November 2008

Plain speaking on Afghanistan

While the war in Afghanistan continues to escalate, a British diplomat and a British military commander have made headlines with their outspoken realism about the conflict.

UK supports Taliban talks

At the end of September, the Observer revealed that Britain has been supporting Afghan peace negotiations with the leadership of the Taliban, despite official denials – opening up the pros

Five hammers

On 16 October, five Swedish activists (pictured above) broke into factories owned by arms manufacturers BAE Systems and Saab and used household hammer to protest against the Swedish arms t

Chasing the puppetmaster around London

The threatened Iraqi oil rip-off was highlighted in central London on 11 October in a lively demonstration.

More US war resisters at risk

Two more US war resisters have been put on notice of deportation from Canada, where they have sought refuge.

Iraq asks Britain (and the US) to leave

Britain’s military presence in Basra is “not necessary for maintaining security and control”, Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, told The Times in an interview that appeared on 13

Circling Menwith

On 4 October, in terrible weather, demonstrators arrived at Menwith Hill spy station, Yorkshire, for the annual “Keep Space for Peace” demo, part of an international protest against Star W

Iraqi oilfields put up for sale

On 13 October, at a meeting in London, Iraq’s oil minister, Hussein Shahristani, put eight oil and gas fields, representing about 40% of Iraq’s known oil reserves, up for grabs. <

Tax tricks played on Welsh peace activist

After withholding 10% of my income tax for the last five years because I refuse to pay for war, I received a letter from Caernarfon County Court, saying there would be a case to decide whe

US strikes Pakistan again and again and again

US terrorism against Pakistan continues.

The Obama Illusion

It is hard not to get carried away by the hysteria of Obamania.

Abdul Ghaffar Khan

During the Indian struggle for independence, Mohandas Gandhi gained many followers, including a Muslim Pashtun (or Pathan) from what is now Pakistan, named Abdul Ghaffar Khan, who orga

Chomsky on the crisis

Simone Bruno I would like to talk about the current crisis.

So whose democracy was it anyway?

Greg Muttitt’s presentation about the politics of Iraqi oil at the Peace Festival produced both righteous anger and inspiration.

Hundreds blockade Aldermaston

On 27 October, Britain’s nuclear bomb factory at Aldermaston was blockaded by hundreds of peace activists in the largest nonviolent direct action at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) for a dec

Poppy tradition continues &ndash; but only just!

Once again this year Aberystwyth Town Council will lay a white poppy wreath at the war memorial. The ceremony takes place on Saturday 8 November at 11am.

A season of war

As I made my way around the upper floor of London’s Barbican Art Gallery, I gradually realised that I’d come with a preconception, an assumption which had turned out to be wildly wrong.

Re-energising a network: Cynefin y Werin

The ‘Wales Peace Festival 08’ took place in Bangor over the weekend 18 – 19 October.

Baghdad calling

Chinese-American activist-artist Paul Chan embodies another aphorism from Robert Capa (see left): “Like the people you shoot and let them know it.” His three-part contribution to the London Barbica

Unity with Glasgow asylum seekers

The Unity Centre is tiny – the opposite of a Tardis – a corner shop space crammed with people, computers, filing systems, sofas, chocolates and a whole lot more.

Activism and... Gardening

A very long time ago, in 1994, I managed to use my membership of the Royal Horticultural Society to obtain the freedom of an imprisoned peace activist!

How we came to make music, not war

I don’t think November is a favourite month for campaigning by any means.


More journalists crammed into Court 3 of the Courts of Justice, further pushing up the temperature.

Campaign Profile: Cageprisoners & HHUGS

Cageprisoners is a human rights organisation that raises awareness of the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the “War on Terror”.