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Issue 2532 | April 2011

Arms, torture and the census

The involvement of US arms giant Lockheed Martin (LM) in this year’s census – due to take place on 27 March – has spurred calls for both a boycott and creative obstruction.

Libya: the UN and the war

Britain’s participation in the US-led war on Libya, which began on 19 March, followed the passing of United Nations security council resolution 1973, which calls for an end to attacks on civilians

Shannon conviction overturned

Irish peace activist Mary Kelly has won a six-year struggle to overturn a conviction for a $1m action against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.


85,000 rise in Wisconsin

On 10 March, in the teeth of mass political opposition, Wisconsin’s Republican-dominated state assembly passed the governor’s bill to repeal most collective bargaining by public employee unions, af

UK boat to join Gaza convoy

Departing in May, a boat carrying a contingent from Britain will join a convoy from 20 countries to the besieged people of Gaza.

Parliament Square: attack on protest

Rikki explores the politics of the permanent protest camps


Trident is bad for jobs

Kate Hudson of CND responds to Brian Larkin’s criticism in the last issue


White Ribbon

On 10 March, Stirling hosted Scotland’s White Ribbon march, organised by men taking action against violence against women.

Aberystwyth occupation continues strong!

On 8 March, Aberystwyth Students Against Cuts celebrated a fortnight of occupying university premises.

Opencast attack

In mid-March, activists at the Happendon Wood Action Camp disrupted the South Lanarkshire council planning committee meeting that gave approval to Scottish Coal’s plans to develop Happendon Wood fo

Free Heatherington!

I met Karen and Alice at the Heatherington Recreation Club student occupation at Glasgow University.

Climate camp is dead! Long live climate camp!

On 27 February, a week-long Climate Camp gathering at Monkton Wyld decided to wind up the camp as we know it and make way for new forms of engagement


Fusing our power

We should be honest with ourselves. The anti-cuts movement is a broad movement, overwhelmingly liberal with a revolutionary fringe.

Village life

Gill Knight reports from solidarity work in Palestine


We arm dictators, then bomb their people

As Peace News goes to press, Britain is once again bombing a Middle Eastern dictatorship that it previously helped to arm.

News from the home front

A bit of autobiography. Bear with me, there’s reason.

Activism and... defining yourself

This topic of having to define yourself is something that’s not just worth exploring but something necessary for us to explore.

Kicking Merthyr while it's down!

Anyone heard of the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC)? No, neither had we until recently.

Faslane Spring

After several years of the Faslane peace camp maintaining not much more than just a token presence, the campers have decided to start a drive towards bringing it back to life in time for the thirti