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Trident news

On 10 April, activists from Trident Ploughshares, Block the Builders and Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp blocked the boilerhouse gate at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, where Britain's nuclear weapons are developed and maintained, halting traffic for forty minutes. There were 11 arrests at three locations around the perimeter, and over sixty participants in total, travelling from Bristol, Plymouth, Yorkshire and Newcastle.
Friday 13 April was unlucky for the Trident submarine base at Faslane, as 40 protesters from the UK and Germany blocked entry to the Scottish naval base
for almost two hours after chaining themselves together, 4 affinity groups used reinforced concrete lock-on tubes (see above for example) to block three entrances to the base and 24 people were arrested. Since the beginning of Faslane 365 in October, 730 people have been arrested.
STOP PRESS: As PN goes to press, news of another Aldermaston blockade on 23 April: 8 arrests as Scottish activists using lock-ons to block traffic at three gates (one person is sitting on top of a gate!).