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EU militarisation

The European Constitution has a range of militarist provisions which could serve to strengthen the already powerful military forces within EU states, and the constitution includes a plan for a Europe-wide military force.

The militarisation of Europe is being widely opposed by grassroots activists throughout Europe. On Saturday 5 March 2005, a conference in Manchester will examine and oppose the growing militarism and nuclearism in Europe.

The conference, “A Europe for Peace” is expected to strengthen ties between various anti-militarist campaigns and help build a useful strategy for opposition to the militarisation of Europe.

On 12 March the World Disarmament Campaign will also hold an event on this theme, entitled “Europe - A Force for Peace? Military Power versus Soft Power”. See details on p2.

For details and registration forms for the Manchester event, contact Greater Manchester CND: 0161 273 8283; email gmdcnd@gn.apc.org; http://www.gmdcnd.org.uk/