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Lesbian capital of UK

During January, Hebden Bridge town hall in Yorkshire was home to an exhibition called ‘Our Greenham’.

We’re in the money

At the beginning of January, the national audit office declared that three projects needed to replace Britain’s Trident nuclear weapon system are currently forecast to cost £1.35bn more than origin

Just say ‘No’

84 percent of young adults around the world say that it is never acceptable to use nuclear weapons, according to a new poll carried out for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Witty placard required

The Peace Museum, Bradford, is the only British museum dedicated to the history of peace.

Could UK officials go on trial for Diego Garcia?

Mauritius issues threat of futher action after expiry of UN deadline


Are you a potential terrorist?

Police 'counter-terror' guide brands Extinction Rebellion as 'extremist'


100 seconds left

Nuclear arms race and ‘limited political response’ to climate change shift Doomsday clock forward 20 seconds


Internationals at Gaza fence

Seven arrested in attempt to break siege


African school strikers

The UK Student Climate Network is circulating an appeal from Fridays for Future Cameroon.

MAW at a climate conference

David Collins & Hilary Evans on their experiences at COP25