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XR re-focuses

2020 strategy encourages action for local demands


XR co-founder breaks away

Beyond Politics or Beyond Foolish?


What’s happening out there?

How UK activist organisations and radical media have been responding to the current crisis (continued from last issue).


Pouring more fuel on the fire

 UK to resume arming war in Yemen, despite pattern of Saudi war crimes


What’s happening out there?

PN takes a look at how UK activists have been responding to COVID-19


‘A new stasi system’

In 2016 members of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit created what they themselves termed ‘a new stasi system’ to ‘vet’ members and supporters in an effort to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, an

Barclays: storm & spin

Campaigners organised a social media storm on 7 May to coincide with the AGM of Barclays bank, the largest European provider of fossil fuel financing.

BDS legal victory

On 29 April the UK’s Supreme Court ruled that government ‘guidance’ banning local government pension schemes from ‘using pension policies to pursue boycotts, divestment and sanctions [BDS] against

Plowshares update

On 8 June, Catholic peace activist Elizabeth McAlister (80) was sentenced to time already served for her part in a symbolic nuclear disarmament action at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in St.

1,500 years

The UK will take 1,500 years to de-carbonise its domestic heating if funding levels proposed this April are maintained, New Scientist reports.