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US pipeline wins

Native American tribes, including the Standing Rock Sioux, have won a federal court decision to have the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) closed and drained for a year while engineers assess its envir

Bad case

A crowdfunder to support Jeremy Corbyn in a libel case has raised over £300,000 from over 16,000 people in less than five days.

Good votes

Climate change campaigners scored two victories this July when both Shropshire and Chesterfield councils passed motions in favour of divesting their local government pension schemes (LGPSs) from fo

Bad assets

In June, BP and Shell announced that they would be writing down up to $39.5bn of their oil and gas assets.

Pandemic of hunger

Hunger linked to COVID-19 could be killing 12,000 people every day by the end of the year, according to Oxfam.

XR re-focuses

2020 strategy encourages action for local demands


XR co-founder breaks away

Beyond Politics or Beyond Foolish?


What’s happening out there?

How UK activist organisations and radical media have been responding to the current crisis (continued from last issue).


Pouring more fuel on the fire

 UK to resume arming war in Yemen, despite pattern of Saudi war crimes


What’s happening out there?

PN takes a look at how UK activists have been responding to COVID-19