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Smash EDO: partial victory on injunctions

Campaigners scored a partial victory in the courts at the end of April when an attempt by EDO/MBM Technologies - Brighton's resident arms manufacturer - to create an exclusion zone around

Shareholders challenge shady deals

Recent weeks have been a peak period for big corporations' AGMs, many of which have been targeted by demonstrators and by (very) smallscale shareholders claiming their legal right to atten

ASBO defeated: tag and curfew imposed

A bigger court had to be made available to accommodate everyone when, on 17 May, supporters came to Harrogate Magistrates' Court to hear District Judge Roy Anderson sentence Lindis Percy f

University in free speech row

Five students and one graduate are facing “aggravated trespass” charges after taking part in a demonstration outside the Lancaster University's “George Fox” building in September 2004 duri

Accidental casualties

As Peace News went to press, hundreds of protesters remained on the streets of Uzbekistan, following mid-May's unrest and subsequent massacre by government troops.

Colombia: February massacre linked to School of the Americas training

Many Peace News readers will have heard the news of the massacre of eight civilians, including three children, in the Colombian Peace Community of San Jose' de Apartad in February 2005 (se

Ahoy there! Corporate pirates ahead

On 1 April a special party took place: the celebration of the demise of various international conventions on pillage. Ahoy Me Hearties!

Turkey: Gay CO arrested

Mehmet Tarhan, a gay activist, anarchist, and declared conscientious objector, was arrested on 8 April and taken to “his” military unit in Tokat in eastern Turkey by force.

500 go mad in Belgium

At least 500 international activists were arrested on 16 April after a thousand gathered in Belgium to carry out a “citizens' nuclear weapons inspection”.

A massive police presence greeted

In the clink

23 March, London: After a two week hearing, Judge Justice Tugendhat at the High Court rejects claims by Louis Austin and Geoffrey Saxby for compensation for their “right to liberty” under the Europ