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Countering Trump’s coup

Milan Rai reports on US activists' impressive efforts in nonviolent deterrence and preparation


The ban is here

Nuclear ban treaty will become law on 22 January


Listen for peace

Swansea's 'Peace Mala' project extolled as model for cross-racial discussion



1,000 march for ‘Justice Now’

Cardiff campaigners converge to protest systemic injustices




Assemble for food

Farmers and climate change campaigners deliberate at Zoom assembly


Termite satyagraha

A German-Brazilian team of researchers has found that some termites manage to live in the nests of other termites by never fighting back, and refusing to escalate their conflicts.

Afghan peace?

On 12 September, for the first time ever, there were direct, public talks between representatives of the Afghan government and of the Taliban.

Yemen’s vital port

As the humanitarian crisis in Yemen worsened and fighting intensified, UN secretary-general António Guterres issued a new warning on 17 September about the crucial port of Hodeidah.


The Peace Museum in Bradford has a new online exhibition, ‘Peace and Pandemic’, exploring the peace movement’s response to COVID-19.


‘Campaign Nonviolence’ Action Week 2020, organised by US Christian peace group, Pace e Bene, was beginning as this issue of PN was being written.