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UK Reaper kills

British drones are more likely to target individuals than infrastructure, according to Chris Cole of Drone Wars UK.

Write to Julian, Chelsea and the other peace prisoners

Doctors fear for Assange's health


Iraq erupts – over 330 die in clashes

Corruption, unemployment and opposition to Iranian interference three key factors behind unarmed protests


Six million join two global strikes for the climate

‘We are not sinking, we are fighting’


Remembrance Day

Bangor city council follows Aberystwyth’s lead


Climate action continues

Aberystwyth strikers hold People's Assembly


The rights of Welsh language speakers in Wales

Rise in complaints over Welsh-speaking bans


Standing with Catalonia

Solidarity with jailed independence campaigners


Western Sahara

It is hard to believe that there was any down side to the departure of the superhawk John Bolton from the Trump administration, but it has had an unfortunate effect on the Western Sahara peace proc

Peace in Yemen?

In November, there were hopeful signs in the war in Yemen, which has caused the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.