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Seed pods

The Resist+Renew training collective have been putting out a podcast, where facilitators interview social movement organisers about how they do their work – ‘along with a good chunk of g

One step back

On 16 December, the UK’s supreme court overturned a previous court of appeal ruling, re-opening the possibility that there could be a third runway at Heathrow.....

COVIDiot nukes

A convoy carrying Trident nuclear warheads to the Coulport nuclear weapons store north of Glasgow was spotted entering Scotland on 18 January during a tightened COVID lockdown.


On 7 December, a German court found Margriet Bos, a Dutch Catholic Worker, and Dennis DuVall, a US military veteran, guilty of cutting through a fence to enter the air force base at Büch

What’s the statue of a slave trader worth?

Four charged for toppling Colston statue


‘Death to the enemies!’

Ukrainian journalist and conscientious objector attacked 


Anti-HS2 camp cleared

'Beacon of truth' bamboo tower erected in river Colne


Invest in the climate, not combat

Arms company blockaded on anniversary of Paris climate agreement


Court refuses to extradite or release Assange

Wikileaks founder denied bail pending US appeal


Spycops scandal rumbles on

Are UK police still spying on activists?, asks inquiry head