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Wildcat Keeps Going

(Freedom Press, 2011; 48pp; £6)

ImagePN readers will be familiar with Donald Rooum's eponymous feline from the single-frame cartoons that appear on the editorial page. In Wildcat Keeps Going, he has a larger canvas to work on. Targets include prudes, religion, and (of course) militarists.

Topics: Culture

Celebrate People's History: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution

(Feminist Press, 2011; 256pp; £17.99)


Over the past 13 years the American artist Josh MacPhee has commissioned over 100 posters celebrating revolution, racial justice, women's rights, queer liberation, peace activism and labour struggles. Collected here in one volume – and stretching from the Diggers’ 1649 occupation of George’s Hill to contemporary actions against the arms trade – these images, as Rebecca Solnit notes in her foreword, “cohere into the radical past on which a radical future can be built.”

Topics: Feminism

The Photographer

(First Second, 2009; 272pp; £10.99)

In 1986 the French photographer Didier Lefevre travelled to Afghanistan with Médecins sans Frontières to document their work there in the midst of the Soviet occupation.  This stunning non-fiction blend of Didier's text and photos and cartoonist Emmanuel Guibert's Tintin-esque drawings tells the story of their arduous journey across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the doctors’ work treating the victims of the war, and Didier's near-fatal return journey, following a foolish decision on his part. If you like comics, photography or Afghanistan then this is the book for you.