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Comment and Analysis

Chile 2011

Magellans roll back gas price rise 


Radical Music: 'Music is powerful'

It's too important not to sing just now, says Penny Stone


A Hidden Life

Pat Gaffney reviews the new biopic of Franz Jägerstätter


Obituary: Leslie Pope: 28 September 1918 – 23 December 2019

WW2 conscientious objector who played important role in the campaign to remove US cruise missles from Greenham Common


Diary: 'the clear and present danger'

Our Leeds-based cooperator questions her grasp on reality


What else

Where were the 'adults in the room' on 3 January?


Poynted remarks

Our columnist turns her attention to racism and royalty


The bacon sandwich effect

Doing the right thing isn't always the same as doing the thing that makes you feel right, argues Milan Rai


Case Study: Brazil, 1977–1988

Rubber tappers defend the rainforest


Radical Music: 'Gracias A La Vida'

Penny Stone surveys some of the songs being sung at the mass protests in Chile, Hong Kong and Lebanon