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White poppies scattered

Wreaths removed at Knighton war memorial


Remembrance 2020

Call for UK to 'remember Yemen'


There for you

Veterans for Peace UK had their largest Remembrance Sunday turnout on 13 November.


Alternative remembrance day events held around UK


White and red together

Aberystwyth peace action


Remembrance poppies: spot the difference

White poppies binned - and restored - in Aberystwyth


White poppies in Aberystwyth

In a respectful, poignant and moving white poppy ceremony in Aberystwyth, about 50 people from the area gathered on Remembrance Sunday to commemorate those who have lost their lives through war or in the preparation for war.


Veterans for Peace UK demonstrate at the Cenotaph

Ben Griffin from Veterans for Peace UK on taking the message to the Cenotaph


Remembrance Sunday

Jeremy Kingston is inspired by Lt Gen Sir John Kiszley's frank admission


Where next for the red poppy?

The amazing turnabout in fortunes which marketing has brought to the Royal British Legion’s red poppy campaign is just the beginning for the nation’s most revered bloom, thinks Welsh entrepreneur Oliver Cyboli.