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Wilding, Jo

Legal Aid reforms: Losing more than just access to justice

Lawyer and activist Jo Wilding on the stark consequences of the proposed Legal Aid reforms and the recent demonstration against them.


Albie Sachs, 'The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law'

OUP, 2009; ISBN 978 0 199 571 79 6; 320pp; £19.99


Jeremy Seabrook, 'The Refuge and the Fortress: Britain and the Flight from Tyranny'

Palgrave Macmillan, 2008; ISBN 978 0 230218 78 9; 288pp; £14.99


Jon Wiener, 'Conspiracy in the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Eight'

Seven Stories, 2006; ISBN 978-1565848337; 128pp; £10.99


History repeats itself

It repeats itself: the main hospital has been closed down by US troops and is being used for military operations, ambulances are being prevented, again by US troops, from moving around the

Between a rock and a hard place

A few days before the bombing started, my friends Zaid and Asmaa and I decided, when the time came, we would be running through the streets of Baghdad together, tearing down Saddam portrai

Poor taste in music is no excuse for bombing!

The gang of lads asked my name, then dissolved in giggles, slapping each other's shoulders, when I told them mine and asked theirs.