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Viesnik, Dan

Stopping the arms fair before it happened

Dan Viesnik surveys a week of creative disruption


Peace Pilgrimage for Syria

Syria Peace and Justice


Fukushima solidarity as Japan remembers nuclear holocausts

London actions in solidarity with Japanese protests against restarting of nuclear reactors.


Sleepcrimes in Parliament Square

An overnight peace vigil tests how the new law restricting protest around Parliament is being enforced - or not.


Anti-nuclear blockaders to make their Hinkley Point

Activists plan major blockade of Hinkley nuclear power station.


A Week of Action against the Death Fair

Dan Viesnik reports on the protests surrounding Europe's biggest arms fair.


Sizewell Camp: a glowing report

Dan Viesnik reports from the Stop Nuclear Power Network's latest action


A glowing report for Sizewell Camp

Dan Viesnik reports from a protest Camp outside Sizewell nuclear power station.


Coming down hard on democracy

London mayor Boris Johnson displayed his dedication to free speech on 3 June, by asking the high court to order the immediate eviction of Democracy Village, established on Parliament Square on 1 Ma

Neutralise the Nukes! - Aldermaston Blockade 2010

As dawn begins to break on a Monday morning in February, hundreds of dedicated individuals from all around Britain and beyond will descend upon the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston