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Stone, Penny

Hope abounds

Penny Stone finds protest songs alive and well on the college lecturers' picket lines in Edinburgh


'Forward sister women!'

Penny Stone surveys women's suffrage songs, past and present


'I think it’s time to meet another way'

Penny Stone reflects on this year's White Poppy gathering in Edinburgh


’Biktub Ismak Ya Biladi

'Yes, we told them, we do know what it means'


Salt of the House

'In such extreme realities what can we offer but solidarity and song?'


San Ghanny

Penny Stone reflects on taking songs and solidarity to Palestine


The teaspoon brigade

A Pete Seeger parable keeps Penny Stone keeping on


Lessons in harmony

'A group of people cannot all speak at once, but they can sing together.'


We rise, for water, for life

Songs of resistance to the Dakota pipeline


Gentle Angry People

A trip to Palestine connects Penny Stone to Holly Near's famous activist anthem