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Speck, Andreas

Historic sentence for Turkish CO

On 10 August, gay Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment on two charges of insubordination.

End the persecution!

On 15 May -- International Conscientious Objectors' Day -- activists from more than 10 countries (Bosnia-Hercegovina, Britain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Israel,Macedonia, Spain,

Turkey: Gay CO arrested

Mehmet Tarhan, a gay activist, anarchist, and declared conscientious objector, was arrested on 8 April and taken to “his” military unit in Tokat in eastern Turkey by force.

A Festival for Deserters in Moscow

In Russia, 23 February is traditionally the “Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland” — converted from the Soviet “Red Army Day”.

After Fukushima: where now?

“If there is anything to be learnt we will learn it, because safety is our number one concern”, said energy secretary Chris Huhne on 14 March, after the horrendous nuclear accident at Fuku

In Chile, Latin-America and the whole world: INSUMISION!

It's 15 May, 10.45am: a group of four Chilean activists approaches Alameda and the Altar de la Patria with its eternal flame of Chilean “nationhood”.

Ronit Chacham, 'Breaking Ranks: Refusing to Serve in the West Bank and Gaza Strip'

Other Press, 2003; ISBN 1 59051043 7; 250pp


A military constitution for the EU?

In July 2003, the European Convention presented a draft European Union Constitution, consisting of 260 pages, divided into four chapters, plus several appendices and additional agreements

Impressions from a journey through the South Caucasus

When WRI planned a visit to the South Caucasus, to develop co-operation with local groups on antimilitarism and conscientious objection, it was clear that this wouldn't be an easy task.

Militarism in everyday life - a street performance on International CO day

It's 15 May 2003, Tel Aviv, Israel: a military wedding, groom, bride, and the rabbi in uniform, as are the guests.