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Speck, Andreas

Socialism for the 21st century?

From 23 to 29 January the “policentric” World Social Forum (WSF) was held in Caracas in Venezuela, the country of president Hugo Chavez's “Bolivarian Revolution”.

Prisoners for Peace, 2001

When, in summer 2001, War Resisters' International decided to highlight the situation in Israel and Palestine for this year's Prisoners for Peace, there was no 11 September, no “war on ter

Conscientious objector forced to serve in military

In early October, Colombian conscientious objector Juan Carlos Montoya Munera was forcefully recruited by the Colombian military in the city of Antioquia, and taken to the barracks of the B

The praxis of resistance

Coskun, you were imprisoned for almost 12 years, from 1979 to 1991, when the rest of your sentence was changed to a suspended sentence.

Revolutionary impatience?

Taxes for war — it's not just a case of whether to pay or not. Andreas Speck and Simon Heywood debate the merits of campaign strategies for effecting changes in the law.


Free Maikel!

“We got rid of the dictator, but not of the dictatorship”.

Peter Brock (ed), 'These Strange Criminals: An Anthology of Prison Memoirs by Conscientious Objectors from the Great War to the Cold War'

University of Toronto Press, 2004; ISBN 0 8020 8661 6; £28


Is another world possible?

No doubt, this World Social Forum is different. Africa - Kenya & - makes its presence felt.

A new strategic focus for the peace movement?

Let's start with the good news: currently, the British armed forces are under-staffed. They are 5,170 soldiers short, which is equivalent to 2.7%.

One more fig leaf for the state

In last month's issue of Peace News (PN2472) Eddy Canfor-Dumas made the case for a Ministry for Peace as part of the government.