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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Nicholson, Patrick

The Free Association, Moments of Excess: Movements, protest and everyday life

PM Press, 2011; 128pp; £10.99


Simon Fairlie, Meat: A benign extravagance; Lierre Keith, The Vegetarian Myth: Food, justice and sustainability; and Bob Torres and Jenna Torres, Vegan Freak: Being vegan in a non-vegan world

Meat: A benign extravagance (Permanent Publications, 2010; 322pp; £19.95); The Vegetarian Myth: Food, justice and sustainability (Flashpoint Books, 2009, 312pp, pbk, £14.99); Vegan Freak: Being vegan in a non-vegan world (PM Press, 2010; 222pp; £10.99).


Ian Roberts & Phil Edwards, The Energy Glut. The Politics of Fatness in an Overheating World

Zed Books, 2010; 182pp; £14.99


' Standing Our Ground: The science and politics behind the resistance to genetically modified crops'

Print copy of the website www.stopgm.org.uk; produced by independent volunteer researchers; 94pp


Danbert Nobacon & the Bad Things. ' Woebegone'

Verbal Burlesque Records, 2010; 63 mins; downloadable from ITunes for £7.99


Delfina Vannucci and Richard Singer. ' Come Hell or High Water: a handbook on collective process gone awry'

AK Press, 2010; ISBN 978-1849350181; 128pp; £8


Wade Allison, 'Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear'

Wade Allison Publishing, 2009; ISBN 978-0-956-275-61-5; 220pp; £15


' Personally Speaking: Colin Ward in Conversation with Roger Deakin'

Dibb Directions Ltd, 2009; 155 minutes; £12; available from Housmans Bookshop: 020 7837 4473 or www.housmans.com


David J C MacKay, 'Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air'; Kate Evans, 'The Carbon Supermarket'; Turbulence Collective, 'Turbulence Issue #5: And now for something completely different'

Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air, UIT Cambridge, 2008; ISBN 978-0-954-452-93-3; 384pp; £19.99; free to download from www.withouthotair.com. The Carbon Supermarket, 16pp; free to download from www.cartoonkate.co.uk. Turbulence Issue #5: And now for something completely different, Turbulence Collective, 2009; 40pp; free download from www.turbulence.org.uk


After Copenhagen: moving forward

The UN COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen in December was a shambles.