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Mole, The

Surges, bike battles and movie musings

A friend of The Mole's who is even more down under than The Mole -- in Australia in fact -- has been doing some sums which could provide surprising ammunition to support the US president's

Spinning passports, nuclear non-news, and wishful thinking

The Home Office's spin doctors must be feeling pleased with themselves, given the way so much of the media fell for a lot of absolute nonsense just recently.

Conspiratorial contrivances, diplomatic fraternity, and legal laughter

It's taken some time to come to this conclusion, but The Mole is now totally convinced that there's a conspiracy to be uncovered about the story of the collapse of the two World Trade Centr

Beyond a joke, tears for dictators, and pacifist percussion

Tom Lehrer, the US scientist turned satirical singer-songwriter, gets “rediscovered” from time to time, delighting a new generation of admirers.

Clean-ups, postcodes, and corporate hypocrisy

Governmental attempts to soften up public opinion for an announcement of more nuclear power stations have their parallel in the nuclear industry itself.

Rainforests, soya beans, chickens, two Greenpeaces and repentance?

The Mole is fascinated by some of the strange cults found above ground.

Profumo's peace links, hazardous headlines, and drains for disarmament

A few months ago, The Mole was musing about the idea of a peace movement “Bacon Number, where we see how many links - of some defined sort!

The marvellous Mister Mister

This column feels honoured that Harry Mister - whose death (and life) are, rightly, marked at greater length elsewhere in this PN - was provoked into making his final contribution

Military mums, canny carpenters, and fun with mud

Back in December, The Mole surfaced at London's City Hall - the glass monstrosity near Tower Bridge, home of ex-red Ken Livingstone.

Irrational commemorations, appropriate funding, and postal confusion

One of the most disturbing features of the recent commemoration for the people who were killed in the London bombings on 7 July was that the event was specifically a religious service.