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Mason, Kelvin

Diolch yn fawr iawn Faslane 365

Not needless to say, Wales was well represented at the Big Blockade on 1 October.

Poppies on uncommon ground

On 10 November, for the fourth year running, the Mayor of Aberystwyth, Lorrae Jones-Southgate, laid a white poppy wreath at the castle war memorial on behalf of the Town Council, in the presence of

Wales Peace Festival informs, inspires, even entertains...

Taken singly, each presentation at the Peace Festival in Caernarfon was very good. Taken together, they were truly remarkable.

Ffos-y-fran opencast CO2

"If this is allowed to happen

St Athan: clear red water

St Athan is an English mistranslation of the Welsh female saint Tathan. The Defence Training Academy to be built at St Athan will be a further corruption of a Welsh culture of peace.

An elected voice for peace

At 25, Bethan Jenkins may be our youngest Assembly Member but she is a seasoned peace and justice activist.

Paving stones best left in the road: G8 protests in Germany

The Welsh International Sector Network, which works for peace, justice and global citizenship, funded 8 people to attend the anti-G8 demonstrations in Germany.

Profile: Jill Gough, CND Cymru - An enduring passion for peace

One wonderful thing about Jill Gough is her passion for peace.