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Mason, Kelvin

Call to honour COs

Plaid Cymru assembly member Bethan Jenkins has tabled a statement of opinion at the National Assembly to honour the memory of conscientious objectors in Wales: “I call upon all Assembly me

Bayonets fixed and colours flying

On 25 April, Ceredigion Council conferred the freedom of the county on the Royal Welsh Regiment.

Jenny Pickerill and Larch Maxey (eds), 'Low Impact Development: The Future in Our Hands'

ISBN 978 1 870474 36 8; 90pp; £5 inc p&p for hardcopy [free pdf also available] from http://lowimpactdevelopment.wordpress.com


Hangar 'bout

I’m at a loss finding the right idiom for this story: Throwing good money after bad? A fool and his money are easily parted? A leopard can’t change his spots…? You decide.

When push comes to shove: Give in!

My sympathies go to the family and friends of Ian Tomlinson.

Peace Institute a step closer

On Saturday 14 March, I woke early and was up and about with an uncharacteristic spring in my step. I can hardly remember such a joyful start to a day.

Making the transition

Kelvin Mason argues for cross fertilisation between the politics of Climate Camp and the community organising of Transition Towns


Time to ride and to rid ourselves of coal!

On Saturday 21 June, a toddler in a child-seat and twenty cyclists from the Welsh Youth Forum on Sustainable Development, Gwerin Y Coed (Woodcraft Folk) and Grwp Beic Aberystwyth completed the 157

Wales Against War

As part of the international day of World Against War demonstrations, Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network invited Wales to continue to protest.

Scaling to peak oil The transition local resilience

On 12 February, Rob Hopkinsm the “co-parent of the Transition Town movement”, spoke in Machynlleth about peak oil and climate change.