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Mason, Kelvin

Will there also be singing?

How have activist choirs risen to the challenge of COVID-19?


White ribbon fundraiser

Choirs fundraise to help end male violence against women


Could scepticism resuscitate democratic politics?

Kelvin Mason finds points of agreement with ideological opponents


Only connect

The pandemic has broken down barriers for some activists


Looking beyond the coronavirus pandemic: brave new world or same old suffering (and then some)?

Will the coronavirus pandemic change the way that we all do our politics and economics, or will we return to the same precarious globalising neoliberal world order? Worse still, could that world order already be mutating to pose an even greater threat to our livelihoods, freedoms and indeed life on Earth?


SJOKK in Aberytwyth

Radical choirs make waves in Aberystwyth


‘Not in our name!’

Wales protests British role in Syria air strikes


After a £10,000 fine, climate activists pledge to fight on

Court's decision favours corporate power over public interest - campaigners


The Aberystwyth Declaration: A Green Nuclear-Free Wales

UK nuclear power driven by military demands - SPRU


Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes, Breach

Peirene Press, 2016; 160pp; £12