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Laluk, Kathy

These boots are made for ...

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at then-US president George W. Bush in December was sentenced to three years in prison on 12 March.

Don't stop me now

Last month, a Qatari ex-Guantanamo prisoner, a Palestinian human rights leader, a Lebanese newspaper editor and a British MP were all prevented from entering other countries.

"Society can only fly with two wings: women and men"

Short, wispy silver hair surrounds her freckled and slightly worn face.

Free Gaza! Aid boat prepares to break Israeli siege

The Free Gaza Movement is, at the time of going to press, preparing to break the Israeli siege on Gaza again.

Fasting for Gaza

Parliament Square peace protestor Maria Gallastegui fasted for 30 days to protest against the escalating military assault and in solidarity with the people of Gaza .

EDO prisoners

The nine activists who decommissioned the EDO arms factory in Brighton in January, in protest against the supply of British arms to Israel and the assault on Gaza, are now facing the much

Brighton arms factory ripped apart in Gaza protest

Two of the nine activists arrested for “decommissioning” hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment at the EDO/MBM arms manufacturer in Brighton on 17 January were still being held

Britain arms Israel

Twelve British companies produce components, many of them essential, for the F-16 fighter jets and Apache helicopters that attacked Palestinians in the Gaza Strip last month, according to