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Hancock, Stephen

Obituary: Daniel Berrigan: 9 May 1921 — 30 April 2016

Stephen Hancock remembers one of the 20th century's most inspiring Christian peacemakers


The Catonsville Nine

”Some ten or twelve of us (the number is still uncertain)

Vine and Fig Tree Planters given suspended sentence

On 7 February, eight of us appeared at Newbury Magistrates' Court for planting vines and fig trees inside the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston last August (see PN2465).

Beyond protest-resistance

In March of this year we attended the first trial of the Pit Stop Ploughshares in Dublin (see PN2460).Despite the eventual mistrial, it was an inspiring scene, both inside and outs

Pit Stop Ploughshares judge orders retrial

After a week of presiding over the trial of the Pit Stop Ploughshares in Dublin's Four Courts, Judge Frank O'Donnell dismissed the jury after admitting that that his actions could be perce