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Evans, Maya


It’s six years on since the invasion of Iraq, the war has ended, and troops are coming home. Success? Well, we’re not celebrating.


The night before, I scrolled through his Wikipedia entry to brief myself on what to expect. “Voted sixth by New Statesman readers on their list of ‘Heroes of our time’.” Holy cow, I thought.


We arrived at noon at Stratford train station, the meeting point for the Silver Group taking part in the London Climate Camp “swoop”.

War resisters

Joe Glenton – the British lance corporal who refuses to return to Afghanistan on grounds of conscience (see PN 2513) – has had two charges of disobeying a lawful command dropped.


I was standing in front of a dishevelled block of flats in Hackney, half the flats were boarded over with orange grills, it seemed more like we were making a documentary about inner city slum livin


Afghanistan has now become a big concern for me.


The conversation was starting to go round in circles, so I stopped responding and just acknowledged what the officer was saying. I gripped the phone tightly.

At Greenbelt

Someone came up to me after the talk: “So, are you a Muslim?” I felt a little surprised. “No,” I replied, “I’m not”.

Maya Evans' Diary

The Islam Expo schedule described the event as “Europe’s largest- ever exhibition to ‘combat the myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings of Islam’.” As I stepped off the Tube at Kensington Olym

Maya Evans' diary

Through the dregs of late shoppers I could spot members of Hastings Against War loosely congregated in the pedestrian area of the town centre.