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Cole, Chris

Britain takes direct control of armed drones in Afghanistan

US drones continue to target Pakistan, despite opposition


Arms and the man

PN examines a new MoD report on the growing use of armed drones


Paul Rogers, 'Losing Control: Global Security in the Twenty-First Century, 3rd Edition'

Pluto Press, 2010; 220pp; £17.00


Mark Kurlansky, 'Nonviolence: The History of a Dangerous Idea'

Vintage, 2007: ISBN 0099494124; 224pp; £7.99


Storm of criticism for armed drones

In June, the use of armed (pilotless) drone aircraft came in for criticism from a senior UN official, Amnesty International, and, reportedly, CIA officials. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence confirmed that Britain and France were conducting a feasibility study into the possibility of jointly producing or purchasing a new drone aircraft.