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Obituary: Penny Eastwood / Dongria Kondh: 28 July 1955 – 14 June 2021

Climate campaigner who left a legacy of over half a million trees


Diary: 'An awkward segue from outdoor nudity to the boardroom of Co-operatives UK'

Our Leeds co-operator celebrates some of the joyous, proactive, determined and curious actions she's experienced recently


Diary: 'How to get it, how to use it, how to share it'

Our Leeds-cooperator turns her attention to money


Janet Snell, Anatomy of a Commune: Laurieston Hall 1972 – 1987 & Hylda Sims and Freer Spreckley, Commune on the Moors: A story of Lifespan

Diggers & Dreamers Publications, 2021; 358pp; £12


Diggers & Dreamers Publications 2020; 200pp; £12

Both available from: www.diggersanddreamers.org.uk


Diary: 'What kind of money counts as enough?'

Our Leeds co-operator indulges in a spot of house-clearing


Diary: 'They know that change is a lifelong journey'

Is living in desperately bad material circumstances a pre-requisite for a revolutionary society?, wonders our Leeds cooperator


Diary: ‘I can’t speak openly’

Our Leeds-based cooperator fears we’re more worried than ever about disagreeing


Diary: 'I think: I'd get bored'

Our Leeds-based cooperator feels the tension between inspiration and reality.


Diary: 'Why do you want to live in our housing co-op?'

Our Leeds-based co-operator savours the joys and frustrations of conducting 70 interviews in just 3 weeks


Diary: 'the clear and present danger'

Our Leeds-based cooperator questions her grasp on reality