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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Carlyle, Gabriel

George Monbiot, Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life

Penguin, 2014; 336pp; £8.99


Sean Michael Wilson & Hunt Emerson, Goodbye God? An Illustrated Exploration of Science vs Religion

New Internationalist Publications, 2015; 120pp; £9.99


Time to take direct action for climate justice

PN offers training for Paris climate actions


Hubert Krivine, The Earth: From Myths to Knowledge

Verso, 2015; 284pp; £20


Srdja Popovic, Blueprint for Revolution

Scribe Publications; 304pp; £9.99


The Banning of Bertie

How Britain's greatest living philosopher lost his sense of humour, but got the last laugh.


Richard Müller & the Revolutionary Shop Stewards

PN recounts some of the achievements of a neglected figure (and movement) from the German resistance to WW1


Becky Hogge, A Guide to the Internet for Human Rights Defenders

Barefoot Publishing, 2014; 96pp; £11.99


WW1: Empire, Resistance and Revolution

Robert Gerwarth and Erez Manela (eds), Empires at War, 1911 – 1923 (Oxford University Press, 2014; 304pp; £35)

Catriona Pennell, A Kingdom United: popular responses to the outbreak of the First World War in Britain and Ireland (Oxford University Press, 2014; 326pp; £24.99)

Ann Kramer, Conscientious Objectors of the First World War: a determined resistance (Pen & Sword, 2014; 176pp; £19.99)

Jo Vellacott, Conscientious Objection: Bertrand Russell and the pacifists in the First World War (Spokesman, 2015; 326pp; £14.99)

Cyril Pearce, Comrades in Conscience: The story of an English community’s opposition to the Great War (Francis Boutle, 2014; 303pp; £15)

Ralf Hoffrogge, Working-Class Politics in the German Revolution: Richard Müller, the Revolutionary Shop Stewards and the origins of the council movement (Brill, 2014; 270pp; 109 Euros)

Gabriel Kuhn (ed), All Power to the Councils!: A Documentary History of the German Revolution 1918-1919 (PM Press, 2012; 344pp; £20