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Biddle, Matthew

Black Athena

Turning ancient history upside down


EDO on trial: Decommissioners go to court

The six EDO Decommissioners, who caused £300,000 damage to the EDO MBM arms factory in Brighton to protest against the war on Gaza, go to trial on 17 May.

What effect would a hung parliament have on war and peace?

Recent opinion polls suggest an increased likelihood of the 6 May general election resulting in a hung parliament, something last seen in 1974.

Cutting militarism

As politicians warn of post-election cuts in public spending, the question arises: how much could be saved by reducing Britain’s military presence worldwide?


Three New Zealand peace activists found not guilty for $1m damage to US spy base.


Obituary: Seeing history from below: Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn, US historian and activist, died in January of a heart attack at the age of 87.

Aldermaston bomb factory shut down!

More than 500 activists shut down access to the Aldermaston nuclear bomb factory in Berkshire on 15 February to protest against the expansion of the Atomic Weapons Establishment’s research, design

Are we about see the first Green MPs elected?

The Green Party is focusing its attention on three constituencies where it has a reasonable chance of electing a Green MP in this year’s general election: Lewisham Deptford, Norwich South and Brigh