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Peace News log archive: October 2015

Articles from the Peace News log.
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A funny, slightly confusing, semi-Brechtian contribution to Camden People's Theatre's feminist season, Calm Down, Dear

ImageThis was one of those plays which makes you feel you must have missed something when you finish watching it.

I'm reasonably confident I didn't miss something though, as the friend I watched it with had exactly the same response. It was as if the team behind 'Superfunadventuretimes' had come up with a concept (which was, very vaguely: the fantasy genre à la Brecht), been carried away with the concept during the creative process, forgotten that the audience weren't there for the creative process, and ended up performing something which was a bit inexplicable. Nonetheless, parts of it were beautifully written (like Jada's origin vignette) and there were also plenty of laughs (especially courtesy of Twig).

To summarise the play, four adventurers named Tennet, Twig, Angry and Jada, (who seem meant to embody four fantasy genre tropes, although I'm not sure which tropes exactly) have some adventures over the course of an unexplained quest they end up undertaking together (I presume not explaining what the quest is, is in turn meant to be a send up of the quest trope).

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